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Earth Day 2014

Happy Earth Day! On Ripon’s campus it’s a priority for us to create and maintain a more sustainable campus. We’ve taken on multiple student lead ideas to make campus more green. One such example is having bottle filling stations around campus and encouraging students to refill their bottles instead of using plastic ones. Another is teaching students about upcycling by taking old items and give them a new purpose! Most recently though, we’ve gotten approved for compost bins. Here is a picture of some students working to assemble our first campus bins! What ideas do you have for our campus to go more green?

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6th Annual Senior Showcase tonight!

Tonight, Wednesday, April 16, 30 of Ripon College’s best and brightest seniors representing 25 majors/minors will present their research projects they’ve worked on for the last year/semester. All of these students began these research topics through their capstone senior seminar course.

Presentations will begin at 6 p.m., a poster session will be held in Great Hall from 7:15-8:15 p.m., and an awards presentation will begin at 8:30 p.m. Look below for times and locations of each presentation. We hope to see you there!

Pickard Commons, Heritage Room

6:00 PM
Rosette Reynolds
Majors: Economics and Nonprofit Business Management
Wages: Equitable or Culpable

6:15 PM
Jill VanEperen
Major: Mathematics; Minors: Secondary Education and Psychology
How We Learn Mathematics: Concrete to Abstract

6:30 PM
Allycia Linke
Chiropractic Adjustments Increase Cervical Range of Motion

6:45 PM
Amanda Gesiorski
Majors: History and Anthropology; Minor: Women and Gender Studies
Gone with the Wind: Gender and Racial Ideologies Revealed

7:00 PM
Samantha Goodwin
Major: Communication
God’s Chosen Women: Public Framing of Female Leaders of New Religious Movements

7:15 PM
Nathan Held
Philosophy, Psychology and German
Unlearned Lessons of the Holocaust: How National Self-Interest Caused the Eurocrisis

Pickard Commons, PDR

6:00 PM
Elizabeth Walsh
Majors: Biology and English; Minor: Education
The effect of in-hive miticides on honey bee (Apis Mellifera) queen retinue response

6:15 PM
Jamie Sotiropoulos
Philosophy, German and Law & Society
A Society with No Human Rights Violations

6:30 PM
Hannah Erdman
Major: Politics and Government; Minors: National Security Studies & English
“The Special Relationship: Help or Hindrance in the Middle East”

6:45 PM
Rosette Reynolds
Major: Economics and Nonprofit Business Management
Wings, Sports, Business: an analysis of Buffalo Wild Wings

7:00 PM
Naomi Jahn
Major: History; Minor: French
Imitatio Christi and Penance; Asceticism in Medieval Italian Female Spirituality

7:15 PM
Ryan Riebe
Communication, Politics and Government
Rob Ford Versus the Gravy Train: The Rhetoric of Rob Ford’s Political Survival

Pickard Commons, Mihaly Room

6:00 PM
Amanda Gesiorski
Majors: History and Anthropology; Minor: Women and Gender Studies
Women with Habits: The Life Histories of Two Catholic Sisters

6:15 PM
Amanda Schwarzenbart
Majors: Economics and Chemistry-Biology; Minor: Spanish
The Structure of the Sports Entertainment Industry in Network Television Broadcasting Contract Negotiations

6:30 PM
Benjamin Firgens
Major: Communication; Minor: English
The New Icarus: Metaphor and Memory Surrounding the Wright Brothers

6:45 PM
Michael Enright
Major: Chemistry
Understanding Gold Nanoparticles with Mass Spectrometry

7:00 PM
Casey Gott
Major: English; Minors: Spanish & Sociology
The Use of the Dream Space in Sherman Alexie’s Flight as Means to Understand Trauma

7:15 PM
Michael Rausch
Majors: History, Computer Science and Mathematics
Conspicuous Consumption in Renaissance Florence

Harwood Memorial Union, MLK Lounge

6:00 PM
Michael Rausch
Majors: Computer Science, History and Mathematics
Demonstrating a Simple Device Fingerprinting System

6:15 PM
Adam Myers
Majors: History, Spanish, Classical Languages
A Case of the Blues: al-Azraq’s Revolt against Aragon

6:30 PM
Madeline Sockness
Majors: Studio Art and Early Childhood Education
Street Art: Changing the Domain of the Art World

6:45 PM
Sophia Kaounas
Major:Politics and Government; Minors: National Security, Communication, Law & Society
The World’s Burden: The Current Refugee Crisis

7:00 PM
John E Schmidt
Major: Philosophy
The Extended Self: Explaining the Relationship of the Self in Virtual Spaces

7:15 PM
Emma Jelinek
Major: Business Management; Minor: Religion
“Get Movin’ Em’s” Business Plan

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     If there is one thing we can say about Admitted Student of the Week, Sophie Rabin Widman, it’s that she will be one of the members of the Class of 2018 who will have the most frequent flyer miles! Sophie is from Felton, California, where she attends San Lorenzo Valley High School. Sophie heard about Ripon from a family friend whose cousin’s son is attending Ripon (quite the connection!). This fall, Sophie will be making the 2,230 mile move from Cali to Sconnie (aka Wisconsin for those of you who have yet to learn Wisconsin terminology) to attend Ripon College.

     In school Sophie is the VP of Key Club and is very active in theatre, Queer-Straight Alliance, and choir. Outside of the classroom, Sophie is still involved in theatre and music (she serves as a teacher’s assistant at a Celtic Music Camp for eight to twelve year olds during the summer). As for college life, “[I’m excited for] experiencing life away from home, learning and mastering my favorite subjects, starting a new chapter of my life in a brand new place that I will soon call home!” said Sophie. We’re also guessing she’s excited to be in some Ripon College theatre/music productions because her dream is to act on a big broadway stage! Before all these new adventures Sophie is looking forward to Celtic Music Camp, her 18th birthday, and hanging with her friends as much as possible before making some new friends at Ripon!

    Speaking of friends, Sophie is hunting for an RC roommate. “[I’m looking for] someone with a great sense of humor, someone willing to study with me, creative, neat, but likes to change things up sometimes!” It’s also important to know a few things about Sophie. She loves Chinese Food (check out China One in Ripon) and cake, “Honestly. I crave just slices of cake from Safeway sometimes…the frosting is what it’s all about.” Her favorite movies are The Fall and Finding Nemo and her favorite series of books is The Giver series and she enjoys The Fault In Our Stars as well. Outside of theatre Sophie is a talented musician. She has played the piano for ten years and the accordion for four years! Most importantly though, Sophie has a terrifying fear… of muffins and doesn’t enjoy being poked in the belly button. So basically she and the Pillsbury Doughboy would never really be associated together.

     If you’d like to get to know Sophie, reach out to her on the Class of 2018 page! Just don’t send her any muffins!

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