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One of the coolest parts of working in Admission is seeing friendships develop among our incoming students every year. One of these friendships started between our Admitted Student of the Week, Mallory Krumrei and her future roommate, Gabby. “I met my roommate, Gabby, on Accepted Students’ Day. Since we were both from the Madison area, our admission counselor [Emily Sheeks] set us up to carpool!” said Mallory. “We drove together to orientation as well, where we meet our suitemate, Megan. I’m so excited to start college with them!” As you can tell, Mallory is excited for college so she can make new friends as she prepares for this monumental step into adulthood!


(Left to right: Mallory, Gabby, Megan)

     Mallory, an Oregon High School alumna (20 mins south of Madison), comes to Ripon interested in the science, particularly in molecular biology. “My favorite classes from high school were science classes and Spanish classes,” said Mallory. “However, my all-time favorite class I took was biotechnology.” With all her science skills and background, Mallory hopes to work in a medical research lab someday. Outside of the sciences, Mallory is excited for her FYS course. “I’m looking forward to taking my FYS course, Vices and Virtues: Improvising the Deadlies and the Heavenlies,” said Mallory. “Theatre is completely new to me, which is why I wanted to take it. Part of my excitement over college is being able to try things I never have done or never would have done before.” That definitely sounds like a fun first semester of coursework Mallory!

     If Mallory sounds like someone you want to hang out with, here are some important facts about her. She’ll listen to pretty much all music, her favorite book is Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, 500 Days of Summer is her most-watched movie, her favorite food is peanut butter, she has two older sisters (7 and 9 years older), and one time she won a limbo contest. “I won my school’s limbo contest in 8th grade and won a pineapple, so that was pretty cool.” Mallory is a thrifty person. “I don’t really like spending money, but one thing I’ll always spend money on is t-shirt memorabilia from places I’ve been or TV shows I like.” Mallory is also a total board game enthusiast so make sure to bring your games to campus as we’re sure she’ll be up for the challenge!

Congrats on being our Admitted Student of the Week, Mallory, and we can’t wait to see you (and, of course, everyone else!) in LESS THAN A MONTH for Move-in Day!


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     As we get closer and closer to the new academic year, it’s almost time to move to campus and make new friends! One of these new friends could be Mike Lainberger. Mike, a graduate from Markesan High School, will be joining the Class of 2018 this fall at Ripon. “I am excited about meeting new friends and preparing myself for the rest of my life,” said Mike. “I also look forward to Greek Life and being in band.”

     In high school Mike was involve in band, choir, yearbook and outside of school he was involved in the 4H Dalton Doers. This summer he says he is working as he prepares for his first semester at Ripon. While being new to campus as a student, Mike has known of Ripon for some time. “My grandma used to work in the Commons and I live twenty minutes away,” said Mike, “So if I ever needed to go shopping, Ripon was the place to go.”

     As for future roommate qualities, Mike would like someone who “hopefully will be into the same type of music as me, and is okay with me staying up super late to do homework.” Don’t worry Mike, we’re sure you’ll be up a lot of nights having fun as well as doing homework! As for music he likes, he’s into Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, and 3 Doors Down. He may also be into a little 80’s music because his favorite movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. While at school Mike will be pursuing his dream of becoming an Astrophysicist and hopeful future host of Cosmos. Also if you’re interested, the quick way to his heart is through waffles with peanut butter (his favorite food combo).

If you’d like to get to know Mike more, reach out to him on the Class of 2018 Facebook page. Congrats on being our Admitted Student of the Week Mike!

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