Lane Library looking better than ever after summer...

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Lane Library looking better than ever after summer renovations

    On Ripon College’s campus sits one of the most populated buildings on campus, depending on the time of the year. This building, of course, is Lane Library.

     Lane Library serves as a ground base for students to study, print off papers, and simply escape into a quiet literary realm. Over the last summer, Lane Library went under some exciting renovations to enable students to use its facilities in a more efficient and comfortable manner.

     For returning Alumni, the first and most noticeable difference will be the disappearance of the ‘angry orange’ carpet which is now a much more toned down gray-ish color with some spots of off-white. The entry to the study room on the library’s north side is brighter with inclusion of larger windows which let more light into the central lobby, making the whole space more welcoming and open.

     Speaking of the central lobby, it has now been rearranged to help students increase their efficiency depending on their purpose in the library. Where the old printing station used to be, is now the database/catalog computers; Students no longer have to go to the back of the library to look up a book. They just have to walk through the front door and the book database is sitting right there.

     So where did they move the printers then? The printers, printing computers, and copy machine are now in a separate room, right in the lobby, to allow students who come to the library to print of their papers to get in and get out fast! This allows for less clutter and noise!

     The northern study room (still lined with paintings of Ripon’s past Presidents) has received all new furniture creating a more uniform and organized study room for groups of students, classes, or guest speakers. The southern reading room has a variety of comfortable chairs which have been strategically placed among the shelves to create individual reading and working areas for students. Upstairs an old storage room has been converted into a private study room with a television and whiteboard so students can collaborate on video or movie projects.

     Another important aspect to the library’s renovations was the inclusion of some of Ripon College’s ancient artifacts. In the back of the library’s northern side, a collection of ancient artifacts going far back as 1,000 B.C. have been brought up for display for students and faculty to look at and study. Many of these changes around the library have been to modernize and update the library, but also to bring back its original and classical feel.

     If you’re interested in seeing these changes in person, go to the sidebar on this page and click on the “Plan a Visit” link to schedule your personalized visit to Ripon College today. For more information, check out other links on our blog or go to our main webpage: We hope to see you soon!

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