Congrats Nicholas on being our “Admitted Student...

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Congrats Nicholas on being our “Admitted Student of the Week!”

    Some people are not morning people like our newest “Admitted Student of the Week” Nicholas Pearson of United Township High School in East Moline, Illinois. “[I’m] definitely a night person. [I] can’t stand the morning, [it] takes me forever to even get out of bed.” Luckily for Nicholas though, it seems nighttime would be his preferred time anyways being that he is an avid football player and fan of the TV series, Friday Night Lights. Besides participating on the football field, you can also find Nicholas on the baseball diamond or in the occasional race. “I’ve never ran track or cross country before, yet I’ve ran several 10k and 5k races and finished in the top five of both.” While playing sports is one of his favorite things to do, he admits that he doesn’t always have total athletic prowess. “I’m a really clumsy person. It doesn’t make much sense because of all the sports I play, but whenever I’m not playing, I always have the tendency to trip over something even if it is my own two feet.”

     While not participating in sports, Nicholas is a member of his high school’s Student Council and Letterman’s Club. His favorite class is AP Biology and has an interest in pursuing Athletic Training at Ripon College. When out of school, Nicholas enjoys hanging out with his friends and spending time with his family which includes his two dogs, Moose, a German Short-haired Pointer and Tugg, an Australian Cattle Dog. Nicholas also enjoys fishing, especially in “Port St. Joe, Florida, it’s a small town on the panhandle that has some of the best fishing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” said Nicholas. Alas, while fishing is a fun hobby, Nicholas can’t make his favorite food out of his catch. “Without a doubt pizza [is my favorite], but more specifically meatball pizza from this little pizza place by where I live.”

    Now part way into his second semester of Senior year, Nicholas is looking forward to finishing up his high school sports career and continuing his college search. When it comes to college though, he’s excited by the new opportunities and experiences on the horizon for him, especially the opportunity to play some college sports like Red Hawks Football!

On behalf of all the staff in the Ripon College Office of Admission, we’re happy to welcome you to the Class of 2017 Nicholas!

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