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    Congratulations to Ally Wilber our newest “Admitted Student of the Week!”

    Once you get to know Ally Wilber, it’s no surprise that Ally’s favorite subjects in school are a toss-up between English and Art. This young woman won second place in this year’s Steven’s Point writing contest and worked on a mural for her high school; and not to mention she designed last year’s yearbook cover. Besides these recent achievements, she also is a Yearbook Editor, School Paper Editor, and the Art Club President. Also, did we mention her favorite hobbies are anything art related, writing, and reading? Yeah, definitely can say she’s quite involved in both subjects.

     Regarding Ally’s possible artistic inspirations, Ally enjoys a wide variety of entertainments. “I’m a bit of a movie buff,” said Ally who loves movies like Zombieland, Wanted, and the Indiana Jones movies (She’ll fit in with our Unofficial Harrison Ford Fan Club on campus!).  For music, she considers herself a class rock fan. “[I like] Metallica, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin… okay, so lots,” said Ally. When Ally isn’t creating art she also enjoys being musical by participating in her school’s Show Choir.  Her favorite literature is anything written by Laurell K Hamilton and Sherrilyn Kenyon. Besides these fine forms of culture, Ally is a connoisseur of one of the finest summer meals: a Good Cheeseburger. “I could never be a vegetarian – I love cheeseburgers too much,” said Ally. “Anything with cheese is usually amazing.”

    She describes herself as a country girl at heart because the “Big cities stress me out, one of the reasons I find Ripon so appealing,” said Ally. Yet, she’ll break through that stress to travel the world. She wants to travel to “Everywhere! Especially Italy, Ireland, New Orleans, Greece, and New Zealand.” As she moves forward into the end of her senior year she is excited by the prospect of starting college, “[I’m excited for] being in a different atmosphere. I am excited to meet new people, do interesting things, and have many more opportunities laid before me.” We’re definitely excited for you too Ally, it’s a time of change and we’re happy to be a part of your college decision process.

Again, Congratulations to Ally Wilber for being our “Admitted Student of the Week!”

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