On Friday, March 1st, begins a month long...

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     On Friday, March 1st, begins a month long series of event focused around Women’s History Month. This month long series features events focused on women’s health, empowerment, involvement, and history. The wide variety of events allows all students on campus to get involved whether it be listening to a speaker or volunteering.

     To kick-start things on campus, while not technically related to the month of events, is the Theatre Department’s production of A Doll’s House which is considered to be the first feminist play. This production put on by the Theatre Department beginning tomorrow night is set in the 1950’s Mad Men era and takes an interesting look at the roles of women during this time period.

     On the official start date of March 1st, there will be a “Hello Beautiful” pledge to sign and information about women’s health, giving young women on campus a chance to learn more about their bodies for the present day and future. Members of campus will also have the opportunity to learn about women’s body image on March 18 from a speaker who talks about “The Perfect 10?!” The women’s health aspect of the month picks-up again on March 27th when a nurse from Aurora Health Care speaks on HPV, or Human Papillomavirus Virus. She will be discussing HPV and cervical cancer and how young women can protect themselves and stay healthy.

     On March 5th, Ripon’s campus will being hold the Women’s Empowerment Fair in the Pickard Commons. This fair is intended to bring campus groups and groups from off-campus together to talk about how to empower women and make sure they’re actively involved in their communities, governments, and workplaces. Then on March 25 students will have to opportunity to get off campus and volunteer at the Christine Anne Domestic Abuse Shelter. The shelter was remodeled recently and needs help sorting their donations and general tasks around the Shelter. This experience gives our students a chance to help those going through difficult times and make a connection, even some new friendships.

     While many of this month’s activities are important speakers and informative sessions for all our students on campus, it’s always great to go on a road trip and have some fun! On Saturday, March 2nd, a group will be going to Mayfair Mall in Milwaukee to enjoy some shopping time.

     Like all our celebratory months on campus, like Black History Month or LGBT Month, Ripon College’s staff and professors encourage students to attend these events to gain perspective and see the world through a different set of eyes whether it is a historical or modern context, volunteering for those less fortunate, or gaining new knowledge from a speaker. It’s crucial as liberal arts students to use these new experiences and information to better the world and all it takes is participation and an open mind.

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