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  Konner Feldhus, the grandson of two Ripon alumni, will be quick to make friends when he comes to Ripon. “I absolutely love chocolate. If you send me a box of Lindt Lindor, I’ll be your friend forever.” The high school senior from Colorado also said meeting new people is one of his hobbies and it’s what he’s most excited about in college. We can already see him chatting it up in line at our “ We Proudly Brew Starbucks Coffee” café before class getting his morning brew, “I can’t go a day without coffee,” said Konner, “[I] have a ridiculous addiction to Starbucks.” We definitely think Konner is going to fit right in at Ripon!

     In school, Konner’s favorite subjects are math, anatomy and physiology because he finds it interesting how the body works and keeps us healthy. Konner is also involved in his school’s choir. “I love singing and am very prominent in my choir,” said Konner, “For what is left of my senior year, I am excited to try out to sing the National Anthem at graduation.” Konner is also passionate about volunteering. He was named volunteer of the month at North Suburban Medical Center.

    Outside of high school, Konner has traveled to China, but hopes to travel to Europe in the future. He specifically wants to travel to Germany because it follows his family’s heritage. Konner is a fan of romantic comedies, “My favorite movie is Pitch Perfect,” said Konner. He enjoys dance and pop music and enjoys reading James Patterson and George Orwell. While he doesn’t play sports competitively, he does have his own team to help keep him active. “I have three dogs that I will miss very much when I go to college,” said Konner.

     While you’re leaving one family in the fall, we’re excited to welcome you to our family at Ripon College. Congratulations on being selected as our “Admitted Student of the Week” Konner. 

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