Spotlight on a Unique Minor: Leadership Studies

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Spotlight on a Unique Minor: Leadership Studies


     When people ask you what you’re doing in college, you generally tell them your area of study. Due to the wide array of interests and career fields, students study everything from botany to political science to art. While these specific fields of study are fantastic for focusing on your future career choices, what will make you stand out upon graduation?Have you ever considered receiving a minor in Leadership Studies? Yes, you can study the ideas and philosophies of leadership and receive a degree in it at Ripon College. Now, you may be thinking, “How does this apply to what I’m studying?” The answer is it applies in every aspect of what you’re studying. Leadership skills allow you to become an effective leader whether you’re working in education, business, medicine, or even in your local community. Having this minor shows employers you’re a team player with a strong understanding of how to be successful as a group and how to lead others to success.

The courses for this unique minor have three goals:

  • Develop your awareness to the roles and responsibilities of leaders/followers. You’ll discover what it takes to be a leader, how being a leader changes your responsibilities, and your duties to those that follow you and those that you follow.
  • Develop skills for effective follower-ship and enlightened leadership.
  • Provide a focus for your liberal arts education by integrating knowledge from a variety perspectives and fields of study. You’ll take a wide look at your own education and see how having a vast knowledge of different thought processes and concepts allows you to be leader who is also a good listener and problem solver.

     Now because Leaderships Studies is only offered as a minor on campus, students are required to integrate their Leadership Studies minor with another major. This allows students to specifically practice in their field of interest and gain valuable skills for life after graduation. Speaking of after graduation, students who’ve minored in Leadership Studies have been very successful.  We have students who’ve gone on to become a Marketing Manager, High School Guidance Counselor, Financial Advisor, Risk Compliance Analyst and even a few college Professors.

     Leadership Studies is useful knowledge to have heading into the real world, not only for a career, but for life in general. Learning techniques and styles of leadership and how you can help people who will benefit from your skills is an invaluable trait. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit us at

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