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       Most seniors this time of year are dreaming of escaping the classroom due to a severe case of senioritis setting in. Katy Teare, our “Admitted Student of the Week,” has other thoughts on her mind, “The number one thing on my bucket list is to go cage shark diving on the coastal tip of South Africa.” Her dreams of aquatic creatures even go a little further, “I want to accomplish designing and building my dream home,” said Katy, “I’ve drawn it up the way I’d love for it to be. It’s an average home and very simple besides the fact that I want the floor of my main hallway to be a tank filled with multicolored jellyfish. A little far-fetched, but not entirely impossible!” We say go for it Katy, just make sure to invite us over to see it when it’s done!

      While Katy, a senior from Frazier Park, California, has some ambitious dreams she’s looking forward to the end of her senior year and going to events “such as the Senior BBQ…Trip to Santa Monica, Grad Night and parties. My friends and I always do an end of the year Camping Trip to Santa Barbara which is going to be a blast.” We can also make a good guess she’ll spend some time this summer with her hobbies: fishing, kayaking, and reading comics. Katy’s a fan of all sorts of music, literature and culture, and how appropriate that one of her favorite movies is Jaws!

      Besides the numerous end of the year activities she has planned, Katy plays basketball, volleyball, golf, and she serves as a Youth Basketball Camp Coordinator, AYSO Soccer Coach, and a Lifeguard (WOW!). She’s also very excited to get involved with activities on campus. “I want to get involved in the Equestrian Club & Team, Paranormal Sciences Society, Pre-Med, Cinemaniacs, Council of Student Organization, Ripon Outdoor Club, and the Paintball Club,” said Katy. “I’m excited to meet new people and make a new adventure. Go outside my comfort zone by going out of state. I want to begin life as a young adult and make my own way in the world.” Speaking of going her own way, Katy would like to major in Biology so she can become a Diagnostic Radiologist. “I have wanted to become that occupation since the sixth grade. I have no idea how that popped into my head but I know it’s the occupation for me.”  That’s definitely a cool future career path that Ripon could help set you up for!

      Congratulations on being our “Admitted Student of the Week” and we look forward to seeing you on campus!

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