Beginning this Saturday, April 20th, Ripon...

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     Beginning this Saturday, April 20th, Ripon College is celebrating Earth Week! This celebration of our planet will be featuring events focused on showing how Ripon is working to be more environmentally friendly and have more sustainability on campus. 

    The week of events kicks-off at 11am in the Ceresco Prairie where the Environmental Group of Ripon (EGOR) and the Ripon Outdoor Club (ROC) will be hosting a 5k (3mile) trail run. There is a suggested donation which will go towards the South Woods Parks Association. South Woods is a forest/hiking area connected to the Ceresco Prairie. Later from 11:30-4:30pm students can join the Office of Community Engagement as they travel to Oshkosh to help build garden boxes for the Oshkosh Habitat for Humanity. These garden boxes allow people to grow their own food in miniature gardens.

    Now for those who aren’t runners, on Sunday, April 21st, there will be a Prairie Walk where Professor Skip Wittler will lead the way, teaching people about the prairie and the wildlife/plant life there. Also accompanying Skip will be Liz Walsh, a student who will explain the college’s new apiary (bee hives). Speaking of these new bees, if students are interested, EGOR will show a documentary on bees and having a honey tasting in Bear (how appropriate!) Auditorium at 8:00pm on Sunday.

    Ever wonder what it would be like to be vegetarian or vegan for a day? Join Ripon College as they celebrate Meatless Monday at the Commons. EGOR and Sodexo (our food service on campus) will be holding three meals at the commons which feature no meat on the menu. Information about why eating less meat can improve your health and the environment will be available for any students interested in learn how changing their diet can change the world.  Also on Monday there will be the first Up-cycling event of four. What is Up-cycling you ask? Up-cycling is using everyday objects and thrift store finds to make creative and sustainable uses for objects around your home/dorm room.  Residence Life will be holding four sessions talking about how you can up-cycle your dorm room. The first is Monday from 4-4:45pm, then there is one on Tuesday from 4-4:45pm, Wednesday from 12-1pm and Thursday from 12-1pm.

    On Tuesday, April 23rd, an environmental studies class is working with the Ripon College Physical Plant Department between 8-10am in the morning to plant new fruit trees along Linley lane, one of the major walking paths for students going between upper and lower campus. Later in the afternoon, EGOR and the Theta Chi fraternity are teaming up to clean Bowen Woods and have a cookout afterward. Bowen’s wood is between Johnson Hall and Scott Hall.

     Ever listened to or watched a TED talk? Professor Karl Beres will be a special guest as students and staff discuss a TED talk by scientist James Hansen who has done research on global climate change. This event will take place at 4pm in the OCE lounge on Wednesday April 24th.

     On the following Wednesday, May 1st, members of IDS:300 Peace Studies in Jamaica will be going throughout the residence halls on campus between 1-3pm collecting non-perishables, unused/extra school supplies, and clothes that students would like to donate. All these donated items are either going to the local Ripon Community  Food Pantry or Ripon Thrift Store, and the Blue Mountain Project. Students will be able to donate during the week of April 22nd – 29th whenever they please as well. Green Donation boxes will be by every RA office.

     One of the best parts of Ripon being such a small campus is we’re incredibly connected to the community. On Saturday, May 4th, students are invited to go to the local farmer’s market on the Village Green. Locally grown and organic food will be sold by local farmers.

     As you can see, there will be a lot of different events going on around campus throughout the week, so get involved and see how you can help change the world!

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