Earth Week: Ripon excited about new Chicago shuttle program

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Earth Week: Ripon excited about new Chicago shuttle program


To celebrate Earth Week at Ripon, we’re happy to announce our new way to help transport our students home while reducing our carbon footprint. Ripon College is happy to announce our new Ripon-Chicago Shuttle. While we love having our students on campus, we understand the importance of going home to see your loved ones. Ripon College will now offer a new shuttle service which will take any of our students from Ripon to O’Hare Airport in Chicago. From there students can take flights home, take trains to downtown, or simply meet up with their families at the airport. These trips could be and are not limited to:

  • The beginning and end of academic semesters
  • Fall and Spring Breaks
  • Thanksgiving & Easter weekends

Transportation will be available at an affordable fee for our students who’d like to get off campus during breaks and holidays. More information to come as we get the program ready for next fall!

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