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     Many students worry about homework, meeting new people, or being homesick when they go to college, Alexander Mehre has another issue all together. “It’s going to be tough, but I’m going to have to limit the amount of cookies I bring back to my dorm room per week,” said Alexander, “I know for a fact you can smell them from the college on a nice day and that’s just taste bud torture.” Alexander, a senior from Port Washington High School in Wisconsin, shouldn’t have an issue burning those extra calories off once swim season starts. He’s gone to State for the 100-yd butterfly and swims all year-round. Luckily for him he didn’t have to use his swimming abilities during Maritime Festival in Port Washington when he and some friends won a race where they were in a cardboard boat!

      Alexander is an Eagle Scout which gives him some unique talents. “As a boy scout, I’ve become very particular about knowing which direction I’m traveling,” said Alexander. “It amuses my girlfriend to no end when we’re on a trip and I absolutely have to figure out which way is north without using a compass, especially on cloudy days!”  Maybe he used his navigating skills to win the “Frolic Fest” at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico? “They had cookies. We had too!” Alex also enjoys running, biking, hiking, whitewater kayaking, and just about anything involving the outdoors.                                                

     In school Alexander likes to study physics, even after taking the AP course he stresses. “Our teacher is brilliant on the subject, yet quirky enough to make it interesting,” says Alexander. “The physics itself intrigues me, as I love do-it-yourself projects. Physics gives me the confidence to make cooler things than bird houses and picnic tables, like planning and building a magnetic coil gun.” When working on these projects he prefers to design it himself. “I can’t stand Googling something if I can think of it myself. I would rather have a project that usually requires chronic revisions than claiming I followed the book and all of the pieces fit like clockwork.” We’re excited to see what you’re going to create on campus, Alexander!

     While he sounds like a man of ingenuity and science, Alexander also has a soft spot for the lyrical. “I sing when I work on things or think I’m alone. I believe that music comes from the heart, so I just let it out. Even if it’s not original, the energy you put into the song is what musical expression really is.” Recently, he’s been waking up with the birds for Men’s Choir and he’s been enjoying the tranquility before going to sing.

     So, he designs his own contraptions (cardboard boats/magnetic coil guns), swims, sings, has a natural compass, and a slight cookie obsession…did we miss anything? Oh, the fact that he can’t wait to come to Ripon this fall and we can’t wait for him to come to campus! Congratulations on being selected as our “Admitted Student of the Week” Alexander. You’re well on your way to beginning an astounding college career! 

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